We are happy to organize a visit of the real estate with the professional guidance of our agent if you find a suitable property in our real estate list. We will provide access to all necessary documentation and provide all available information about the property.


Exclusive mediation agreement.
With signing a contract on exclusive mediation, a client undertakes to hire the only mediator for the agreed work and the brokerage contract is concluded with only one agency.
If you made the decision to sell your property we recommend to make a choice of the only real estate agency which will take care of  your property selling. The more agencies list and sell your property the less confident potential buyers are as with a lot of offers of the same real estate from various agencies and brokers a potential buyer gets the impression that something is wrong with the property and the owner just try to get rid of it as soon as possible. It makes a lot of harm and complications for selling especially when the same home or apartment are listed at different prices by various agencies and brokers.

Classic brokerage or open brokerage agreement
This type of agreement allows the client to sign a contract with another agency or sell the property personally. In this case, it is not treated as an exclusive relationship between the parties, but a client is obliged to comply with all terms and conditions of the Agreement and particularly the obligation of cooperation.
A broker or an agency are  to try to find a buyer, give an opinion on the market value of a real estate taking into consideration all characteristics of the property, check the documents required for the validity of the brokered business as well as documents proving ownership, warn the client with legal tax and other obligations if any. A broker or an agency are to arrange the presentation of the real estate (advertising on the website or portals), provide an overview, keep the personal data of the client as a business secret.  An agency will charge a commission in the amount determined by the contract signed  between the agency and the client when the job agreed by the contract is done.


It is important to be correct on the market with the price of your real estate. Estimate the value of the property to make sure how much it is worth. Through our agency, you can arrange with our subcontractors an official assessment of the value of the property, if you need a study of this kind. When selling the property, this document is not mandatory, although it is not out of the question to have it. Here, of course, we can help you, and consulting on the market price of real estate is part of our service. As active participants in real estate transactions in Croatia, we are familiar with data that can help us assess real estate.


In addition to the energy certificate being a document that presents the energy performance of the building, according to the Ordinance, the energy certificate must have all new buildings, existing public buildings and all buildings, apartments, houses, and business premises sold, rented, or leased. Through our agency, you can quickly and at discounted prices, create an energy certificate and find out which energy class your property belongs to, and it is issued by an authorized person or company, accompanied by a report on the Energy Audit with a recommendation to improve energy efficiency.


Insure your house, apartment, cottage or business premises in time against all potential risks. Don't fail to insure the property you bought or rent against unwanted events at the best conditions on the market.


Home staging is a service that should always be used when selling or renting because the first visual impression of a property is important. Staging is a method of remodeling in such a way that with the minimum investment, the largest possible number of clients like the space. It helps to sell or lease the property in the matter of time and price. With a minimum investment you get the maximum effect!
Home redesign is a service that creates a different or new, refreshed space in existing homes with less undemanding work such as painting walls, tiles or furniture, installing wallpaper, wall coverings or wall decorations, a service that solves the problem of function and reorganization of existing arranging furniture, removing excess or adding new, smaller pieces of furniture, carpets, lighting, curtains, paintings, plants; a service that, with a few simple procedures, provides the best solution to issues you are not sure how to solve, certainly with planning the best for money budget.

Interior design is the service of creating a conceptual design, conceptual design or detailed design for a space according to your wishes in accordance with the way of life or work. The service can include the creation of 3D visualization, consulting, production of construction and craft works, monitoring the performance of works, coordination of performance, search for offers, a joint tour of furniture and equipment stores or online interior design services. After learning about the possibilities and defining the task, the goal of this service is to create the most favorable solution. It is performed in stages, and may consist of graphic documentation (floor plan, draft and cross-section in scale), presentation folder with furniture and equipment, cost estimates with analysis and statements of areas, required quantities, prices and volumes, depending on the agreed project type and scope services.

Architectural surveying is a service of measuring and making the floor plan of a property. Often in the process of choosing between several properties, in addition to photos, clients are helped in making a decision by the floor plan of the apartment. This is very important because the floor plan with the exact dimensions gives customers an insight into the layout of the room, orientation in space, the possibility of remodeling and reconstruction. Survey and recording of real estate are a mandatory basis for contractors to prepare cost estimates. It is recommended that you definitely get the existing designs from the archives or project documentation, or that the designs are professionally made by our architect.


The first impression is very important. We as an agency try to keep it at a great level, but some real estate requires a "step more" in the presentation. If you think that your property is one of those, through our agency we can arrange professional photography and recording of the property. We work with creative and successful photographers who can present your property in a special way.

We are PROSTORNICA NEKRETNINE, an agency operating on the Croatian real estate market. Our   experienced team is proactive and dynamic and  solves your every search for real estate. With us, through a completely personalized relationship, you will receive various professional advice for free, achieve financial and time savings, and legal security until the full realization of the desired result.